Service & Repair

Service & Repair
Mercedes-Benz Service Intervals

Mercedes-Benz service intervals have been set to ensure you get the best performance from your vehicle over its life.


Servicing with the Mercedes-Benz Dealer network.

Choosing the best van for the job is an excellent start, but it is just the beginning.

Making sure that your Mercedes-Benz van, or your entire Mercedes-Benz van fleet, remains in optimum operating condition is the key.

The best way to do that is to insist on Genuine Service from an authorised
Mercedes-Benz dealer.

Every workshop that carries the famous three-pointed star is staffed and equipped for excellence, with access to the latest specification and up-to-date information across the model range.

Trained technicians are essential, and every Mercedes-Benz technician completes a set number of hours of training and retraining every year to ensure they are
up-to-date with technology.

Finally, the equipment and tooling required to maintain a Mercedes-Benz van is designed and developed by the same people who design and develop the vehicle. The investment you make in your fleet, from one van to a major fleet of different sizes and configurations, demands the attention and expertise only genuine Mercedes-Benz service can deliver.

It’s the best way to minimise downtime, maximise reliability and protect your investment.